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Feb 5, 2013 5:30pm EST
standard and poors and mcgraw hill. >> reporter: they are being blamed for pushing the u.s. economy to the brink. calling the conduct e dpreeious, eric holder said they lied about the value of financial security. >> we allege by knowingly issuing ratings which misrepresented the credit worthiness, s&p misled investors. >> reporter: he said they were driven by profits. the result is from a four-year investigation by two government lawyers who also accused s&p bosses of ignoring warnings from the staff. they said that proves s&p new they were giving high ratings to mortgages that were virtually worthless. >> it's sort of like buying sausage from your butch are. he assures you this was made fresh that morning and safe. what he doesn't tell you -- what he doesn't tell you is it was made with meat he knows is rot ton. >> reporter: he said the doj lawsuit is without factual or legal merit, adds that could predict it. >> this is first amendment speech. we're protected. >> reporter: questions have been raised why the government is singling out s&p, implying it could be because of the downgrading o
Feb 20, 2013 5:30pm EST
are one of the 35 cities that received a letter from the u.s. olympic committee. baltimore could potentially submit a bid. the question is is the city capable of hosting and managing such a massive event. we want to know what you think? should baltimore be an like destination. head to we are hearing opinions on both sides. some say this would be a disaster. others say it would be a boost for tourism. >>> we have an update to some breaking news. more explosive testimony today in the bail hearing of the like hero accused of murdering his goi. prosecutors say they have witnesses who heard nonstop shouting and fighting and one witness saw lights on at the time of the shots. those claims contradict what oscar pistorius has said. he said he accidentally shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door mistaken her for an intruder. >>> all new tonight, washington dysfunction is back. it's about your money, tax dollars, we have the very latest. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. just nine days until $85 billion in federal spending cuts could go into effect. the pentag
Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm EST
your toes. >>> now to another deadly incident at a u.s. embassy abroad. >> explosion claimed two lives in a critical area of the world that has diplomats on high alert. >> this is what the state department is calling a terrorist attack. >> reporter: state department is calling it a terrorist attack. after 1:00 p.m. local time in turkey, a bomb went off a security check point at the u.s. embassies one person was killed, a guard at the gate. a citizen was wounded according to the u.s. ambassador there. television showed damage to part of an outer tbeat house, adjacent to the main building at the embassy. department officials said the u.s. is working closely with the turkish national police to assess the damage and casualties and will begin an investigation. >> it is a terrorist attack, we don't know who is responsible or the motivations behind the attack. >> reporter: security at u.s. embassies and come pounds have been front and center since the september 11th attack. four americans were killed in libya, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. >> the embassies are picking up
Feb 6, 2013 5:30pm EST
for the cash strapped u.s. postal service. starting later on this year you will no longer receive letters on saturday. some are saying this change was unevidentable -- inevitable. >> reporter: the post office plans to cut mail on saturdays. >> i want my mail on saturdays. >> reporter: packages would be delivered six days a week but letters and first class mail would only go out during the weekdays. >> financial stability with postal service losses, in part, because of the growing popularity of email and online bill pay. they also blame the financial whoas on a 2006 law requiring the post sal service to pay $5 1/2 billion a year, one of the many reasons members of the learn postal workers union said this could be avoided. >> congress created a problem. congress refused to solve the problem. now management is going along. >> reporter: after already closing thousands of post offices andions, they feel thisa necessary move this will save $2 billion a year, a measure many customers say they understand. >> to me it doesn't matter. i'm retired. it doesn't matter whether they stop. the wo
Feb 14, 2013 5:30pm EST
cell about 46% of u.s. sales. revised decision would have to constellation brands. >>> apple is cutting the price of the lowest and mac book pro by $200. it will come down to $1499. the company is also updating the processors of its larger mac books. >>> his story of evercoming adversity inspired us. new an like athlete has been arrested for murder. details on the allegations. >>> how much is valentine's day going to cost you this year? we're breaking out how much people are shelling out to have a happy valentine's night. >>> all right. start off with a look at maryland's most powerful radar. crystal clear. looks like you'll have great weather as you head out the door with your sweetheart. 47 degrees. winds are northwest at 5. days getting longer. sunset past 5:45. you can see chilly conditions, mid-40s. as we go past this into our cameras you can see blue skies. a little bit of a slushy coating that did create icy problems, especially around anne arundel county. the same deal in dundalk. how about one more camera in towson at loch raven tech. so we stay clear, light breezes. co
Feb 4, 2013 5:30pm EST
the u.s. it's the first edition to the happy meal in a decade. fish back bites will be -- fish mcbites will be available through march. >>> pizza hut is offering pizza sliders and can be bought in batches for family hops want to customize their orders with different toppings. >>> coming up, an american mother of two is killed while on vacation and the family is searching for answer. what police are saying. >>> what ad was your favorite from last night and which was the worst? we're blakeing down the super bowl -- breaking down the super bowl commercialings that got the most buzz. >>> all right. let's start off with a look at the weather in the big easy. lots of ravens fans still flying out if they didn't have the red eye. it's a cloudy condition. some rain coming. so evening flights out of new orleans could be tricky. i don't think it will depress anybody's spirit. this is what's coming toward central maryland. some snows out toward frostburg as well all headed in our direction. we'll look for some snow to get in overnight. it will not be heavy as it is in the mountain, but we'll look
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6